Here you’ll find the guitar and music related musings of a thirty-something guitarist, music educator and small business owner. 
They’ll be lots of  geeky gear related talk and tales of six-string based activities!

Spring 2019

Winter is slowly giving way to Spring and a bit of warmth here on the edge of Saddleworth.

I’ve been kept nice and busy with guitar goings-ons for the last couple of months.

My private teaching practice continues to grow. I’m delivering lessons to a great mix of young and more experienced players in and around Tameside, Saddleworth and Stockport.

I’m teaching acoustic and electric guitar in a variety of styles.  Through the hard work of my students they’re really seeing results in their playing.

The two guitar groups I run (Saddleworth Guitar Group & Stockport Guitar Group) are going strong. We’ve been looking at some guitar classics (Apache, 20th Century Boy, House of the Rising Sun….) and playing these pieces in an ensemble setting is great fun.

The Saddleworth group made their live debut at a little open day for the community centre we meet at.

It was really great to see their hard work and perseverance pay off – it’s always lovely to experience the appreciation of a nice audience!

I’m still working for Front Row Music in three really great schools. Some of my students there recently played a concert to their parents. It was great watching them cooly showcase their ever growing skills!

Hayley and I have been busy gigging with some great bookings around Greater Manchester, in the Lake District and over in Yorkshire.

We’re arranging some spots at wedding fairs later this year to spread the good work about the services we offer in that area.

I’ve been helping Hayley with her two Soul Sounds (Saddleworth & Stockport) groups.

I drink tea, eat biscuits and play a bit of guitar for the choirs while they work on their repertoire.

There are some very talented singers in both groups and hearing them rehearse each week is a real treat.

There has been a new arrival to the Jenkinson family in the form of this rather beautiful lady

For those of you that care – and doubtless there won’t be many – this started life as a Mexican Esquire (the single pickup model Leo Fender was tinkering about with in 1950).

The very talented guys at have transformed it into a Broadcaster (the name by which Telecasters were known for a brief period in 1951).

She’s been refinished (complete with relicing) in a stunning nitro butterscotch; been fitted with a set of Monty’s (Matt Gleeson’s) really wonderful Broadcaster pickups; undergone a re-fret; had great new Gotoh bridge saddles and tuners fitted; now has a five way selector switch (as opposed to the more traditional three position switch on a Telecaster) complete with treble bleed and sought after Russian capacitors; features Monty’s Neck Bolt Insert (for improved sustain) and is an absolute joy to play.

I’d wanted a Telecaster since I parted ways with a Candy Apple Red one in 2001 and have played literally dozens over the last five years in a bid to find “the one”. I think I’ve finally tracked it down.

The rest of Spring is looking nice and busy with new student enquiries, lots of gigs and plans for new groups in the pipeline!

Hayley and I will be appearing on the wonderful Vicky Richardson’s amazing Night Moves radio show on ALL FM in June. We’re busy refining songs as we’ll be playing some of our tunes live on air.

In addition to this we’ve plans to get a full party band video shot with our funky friends Jody and Lewis so we can showcase our sounds!

Watch this space! Paul

Early 2019

My New Year started with an icy dip in the Solent – the bit of sea that separates the Isle of Wight from the South Coast. Turns out to be a rather effective way of shaking off a festivity induced thick head.

We played in the New Year as a four piece party band at a really wonderful restaurant in the New Forest.

My trusty old (2002) Strat was on duty for this. The introduction of a Full Monty  – – replacement bridge pickup really helps in the rockier numbers.

I’d had to borrow an amp for the gig, as my little Blues Junior – previously so reliable – had become, well not very reliable.

A big thanks to Lee at Woody’s Workbench for sorting me out 🙂

Check him out for all you guitar repair/maintenance needs –

Paul Jenkinson – Manchester, Tameside, Saddleworth, Ashton, Stalybridge based guitar teacher and guitar lessons. That means I’ve spent many of my free moments in 2019 plotting my next amp purchase.

Lots of people tell me for what I do that I’d be best off getting a Hot Rod Deluxe, or perhaps a Peavey Classic 30. Both great amps, but not what I’m after.

I really fancy a Fender 68 Custom Deluxe. They’re about £1000!

Paul Jenkinson – Manchester, Tameside, Saddleworth, Ashton, Stalybridge based guitar teacher and guitar lessons.

I also fancy 2019 being the year I finally get a tasty Telecaster. There’s a distinct chance I’ll get just one of these and the amp would have to be the priority.

I don’t think I’ll ever go down the route of going amp-less and joining the hordes opting for digital solutions like the Kemper or Helix stuff.

I’ve been working a lot to build up my work since our relocation to the Manchester area.

Subsequently I’ve spent a lot of time reading about SEO and social media stuff to try and appear high up on searches for Tameside/Ashton/Manchester/Saddleworth Guitar Teacher/Lessons. Wish me luck!

I am doing some work for a really great organisation called Front Row Music in schools around Tameside and Stockport.

I’ve also seen an increase in private students and am really enjoying helping them achieve their various guitar related goals.

I have been really pleased with the two guitar groups I’ve started.

I have a Wednesday group at the Satellite Centre in Greenfield who in addition to being a lovely bunch are also half way through their second ten week course.

I also get to teach a great crew in Stockport on Thursdays. They are just about to start an Improvers Course after finishing their ten week beginners class.

I’ve been prepping video tutorials and getting lots of resources together in addition to the sessions. My video editing skills are primitive at this stage, but it is fun to try to teach myself another skill.

Hayley (Mrs Jenkinson) and I had a busy December and January with duo gigs. February and March are looking nice and busy as we look to establish ourselves in our new surroundings.

We’re back at BAHA in Bowness in the Lake District this month as well as The Oakwood in Glossop – both top venues with customers who seem to really appreciate live music.

Paul Jenkinson – Manchester, Tameside, Saddleworth, Ashton, Stalybridge based guitar teacher and guitar lessons.

There seem to be so many great acts around and venues up here in the North West are seemingly well used to having live music nights, which is great.

We’ve added a few more songs to the list of tunes we draw from. Our chief aim with repertoire is always to just play songs that we’d happily listen to. If we enjoy what we’re playing, it seems there’s more chance the audience will too!

I got a bit keen on videos from NAMM (the big music gear trade show held in LA) this last couple of weeks and drove Hayley mad with videos of slightly round men in baseball caps playing new stuff from various guitar makers.

I’ve been listening to lots and lots of The Beatles in 2019 as I’ve just read Philip Norman’s really great Paul McCartney biography.

I’ve also been hearing a lot of Tom Misch – as Hayley is a bit obsessed with him – his playing is super tasty stuff!

Hayley and I went to see Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats at Manchester Academy in January. They always put on a great show – awesome horns and classic sounding soul music! They’ve some tasty guitars on show too, including a P90 loaded Tele and some great Gibson acoustics!

I hope you have a great guitar filled time over the coming weeks – I’ll report back soon.