“Paul is a natural communicator and a great musician. His love and enthusiasm for playing the guitar is contagious and he holds all the qualities of a good teacher – he’s knowledgable, nurturing, and supportive. He’s also organised, highly professional and reliable. Snap him up!”

Phil H 


“I’d been trying to learn guitar for over a year, signing up to every online free course out there and YouTube channel. All I learnt was it’s an easy way to go round in circles if you don’t know enough to point yourself in the right direction. I found Paul by lucky coincidence, and from the first lesson Paul was able to steer my efforts to reaching my goals. That was over a year ago and I’ve never felt I’ve not progressed or enjoyed a lesson. As good a guitar player Paul is, he’s a far better teacher than guitar player. He teaches you to play not show you what he can play. Paul has helped me refocus and achieve my goals, and I am ever grateful for his support.”

Lee W – Adult Electric Guitarist


“Best in the business!”

Nick B – Professional Guitarist and Music Educator


“Paul has been tutoring my son for 3 years, my son has made really good progress. His confidence has grown, his musicality has improved and he really enjoys playing the guitar. Paul is an enthusiastic and thorough teacher, inspiring and encouraging in equal measure. He has started my son on his guitar journey. He will be missed. Thanks”

Geoff Weller


“Paul is a terrific teacher and a terrific person. He has taught our son for a couple of years and has transformed his attitude not just to the guitar but to his general attitude to music and his wider self confidence. He has the knack of gently “nudging” in the right direction, encouraging, advising, as well as the technical stuff. David has now achieved his first Grade exam something we did not see coming even a few months ago. We sincerely wish Paul all the best in his new life in Manchester and, like others, just wish he were nearer! Thanks for everything, Paul.”

Jonathan Morris


“My son had his first guitar lesson for his 8th birthday. Paul has now taught him for 3 years, and has been an inspiration. With clever song choices, friendly banter and gentle encouragement Paul has enabled Sam to become a confident and competent guitarist. Such a shame that the 8 hour commute to Manchester is just a little too far!!!”

Jo Hatton


“Paul has been teaching my son (10) guitar from scratch and he’s now ready to take his first grade exam. Apart from being a great teacher Paul has really given him a love for playing and desire to learn more. Thoroughly recommend him.”

Louise Vall


“Paul is a great teacher , super easy to get along with , able to judge what you will enjoy alongside where your skills are and where they need to be . Brilliant and enjoyable lessons , wish I had started years ago.”

Ross Packard – Adult Acoustic Guitarist


“Paul has been teaching my son, Ollie for a couple of years. He has also run a pop and rock academy course which Ollie attended. He is patient and is great at communicating with teenagers. Ollie has loved his lessons and plays his guitar all the time at home. I can’t recommend Paul highly enough.”

Amanda Chennell


“Paul has been teaching my daughter Jess for the last couple of years. He is always enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive and has been a great help with her GCSE music. Good luck Paul.”

Kathy Nock


“My son Ollie has really enjoyed being taught electric guitar by Paul for the last year and a half. Paul has been such an encouraging, inspiring and enthusiastic teacher, ensuring great progress and tailor-making the lessons to Ollie’s musical interests. We can highly recommend Paul’s teaching.”

Joanna Stott